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propane fireplace

Propane Fireplace

Some fireplaces look elegant, but these can’t provide you with maximum heat. The fuel burns quickly and heat escapes through a chimney. For these reasons, some homeowners prefer a propane fireplace over wood-burning units. Propane fireplaces are more efficient than other types to keep your house warm. These units can increase coziness of your room on cold nights. If you want to purchase a propane fireplace, it is essential to consider its features and benefits. Compare different models to buy the best fireplace for you.

These fireplaces are easy-to-use and cheap options to invite warmth in your house. You can easily turn on this fireplace by pushing one button. The fuel source is non-toxic and environmentally friendly to heat your space. These fireplaces can efficiently and evenly heat your house than wood-burning fireplaces. While using propane units, there is no need to worry about flying sparks or emissions. With low clearance requirements, these are flexible units to install.

Safety and Types of Propane Fireplaces

Propane fireplaces come in two types, such as vent free and direct vent.

Direct Vent Inserts

These units are designed to draw in outside air and maintain a burning flame. Propane fireplaces are good to exhaust combustion gases and water vapor of burning gas. These units can work without a chimney because they are designed to vent directly through a roof or wall. Direct vents can be a safe option, but they are less efficient than vent-free inserts.

Vent-free Inserts

These inserts are highly efficient because heat can’t escape through exhausts. Make sure to check your building regulations and code to ensure that your building doesn’t have any restriction on these appliances. Propane fireplaces may have extra options to consider, such as controls to adjust flame height or heat. Some units have fans to scatter heat. You have to determine the best fit for your house. A propane insert can increase the efficiency of the current fireplace. Both units need propane with suitable fittings and piping.

Style and Design of Propane Fireplace

Propane fireplaces come in a variety of styles and designs to complement decoration of your house. Built-ins or wall mounts, modern or European, these fireplaces come in different styles and designs. With available options, you can give a personal touch to your fireplace. Some stylish add-ons are as under:

  • Colored ember beds
  • Decorative bricks and trims
  • Glass and stone kits
  • Log kits
  • Ornamental inserts
  • Accent lights
  • Reflective radiant panels

You can compare the designs of UL-certified propane fireplaces. A few units have log installation to give a unique look to propane fireplaces. The log remains atop the burner, so it looks like the log is burning instead of propane. The propane will be engaged in the fireplace. For safety and convenience, you can choose a unit with automatic starters over the consistent pilot light. You can select a fireplace in different colors to match the overall design and theme of your house while increasing functionality.

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Easy Controls

Propane fireplaces come with variable settings for adjustment of flame. Some units have a fan to spread heat in your room. Feel free to consider special units with secondary heat exchanges to increase the output of heat. Some units can connect with the ductwork of your house to warm other areas of your home. You must have connections for exhaust and venting for the best outcomes.

Benefits of Propane Fireplaces

A propane fireplace can be an excellent alternative to electric or regular fireplaces. Here are some benefits of propane fireplaces:

Work without a Chimney

A regular fireplace gets air from your room to feed and burn flames: the warm air upsurges and waste precious heat. The heat goes out through a chimney. In propane fireplaces, a chimney is not needed, so the heat can’t escape.

Minimal Cleanup

Propane units don’t need constant tending. There is no need to add lots of different sizes. While using these fireplaces, there is no need to worry about soot. In traditional fireplaces, you have to clean soot after each use.

Comfortable Option

The initial cost of propane fireplaces can be higher than electric models, but you can enjoy several other benefits. The propane is an efficient fuel source over wood. Fortunately, you can control these units by remotes. These units come with thermostats, heat controls, and button ignition. You can get maximum comfort of propane fireplaces without any trouble. Propane units burn 40 times more than wood fireplaces. These units produce 5 – 6 times more heat than electric fireplaces.

These fireplaces convert maximum fuel to usable heat. You can prevent heat loss from the use of a glass door. You can install direct vent fireplaces through a wall. Feel free to place them anywhere in your house. In the absence of wall space, these fireplaces may vent upward via a roof. These are shallower than customary gas fireplaces. Propane fireplaces are available in different heights and widths.

Propane is a comfortable, affordable and safe alternative to wood or electric fireplaces. Several options are available, such as inserts can replace your current furnace.

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