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modern fireplace

Modern Fireplace

A place which is the meeting point of all family members during winters is a fireplace in your home. A fireplace is so important to make your home attractive and warm both at the same time. But what makes a fireplace unique and contemporary? A modern fireplace is an answer. The fireplace modern You have seen the typical traditional styled fireplaces in many homes. We will tell you how to make your fireplace different from others and let it be a point of attraction in your home. A modern fireplace works to make your living room stand out and people visiting your home will appreciate it. Here are some the features which will make your fireplace modern.

Frameless Fireplace

The frameless designed fireplace looks contemporary and eye-catching. It connects the surrounding finishing material to the glass opening of the fireplace. This frameless fireplace just looks like the glass is hanging on the wall. The frameless fireplace looks amazingly brilliant when it fires up, and you are going to love this fireplace modern.

Liner or Rectangular Fireplace

A linear fireplace is also among the modern fireplaces designs. Just think about how chic this linear fireplace will look in your living room. You just have to take care to make its height or width reasonable, so it shows the fire flare reasonably. The 16 or 24 inches are the width options which makes it reasonable. You can choose the width according to your wall and surrounding things.

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Safety Barrier

The safety profile must be the top priority while planning to install any fireplace. The new safety screens or double glass installments are in use with the majority of fireplaces nowadays. The invisible safety mesh is installed at the top and bottom of the fireplace unit. It is removable so you can clean it easily when required. The second option is to use double glass in your fireplace. The double glass will provide ultimate safety level. There should be a minimal gap between two glasses to present a great modern look. Inquire about the removal of double glass from the installing personnel for cleaning purposes.

Using Fireplace All the Year

Modern fireplaces are built in such a way that you can get benefit from them all the year round. The fireplaces come with installed summer kit which extracts the internal heat and help in maintaining the inner temperature. This kit comes with a simple flipping switch to enable its operation during hot or warm weather.

Wireless Control

The modern fireplaces do not come with an additional remote to control; its control rather is adjusted in your home automation system. You can control it wirelessly from anywhere in your home. The technology makes it possible to enjoy the fireplace and controlling it while resting on your couch.

A modern fireplace will make your home or living room an eye-catching place. The fireplace modern gives you the ease of operating and comfort at the same time. We recommend you to go for modern fireplaces rather than choosing old traditional styled fireplaces.

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