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gas fireplace

Gas Fireplace

The popularity of gas fireplaces are rapidly increasing. A gas fireplace enables you to enjoy a warm and cozy fire by flipping a switch. These fireplaces are free from the mess of smoke, fumes and real logs. A gas burning fireplace is safe for the environment because it burns up with 90% efficiency. These look similar to real wood-burning fireplaces, so it is difficult to discriminate them. You will not get nostalgic snap and pop of real fire. These fireplaces are incredibly versatile and cost-effective. You can get the advantage of a variety of installation options and designs.

Types of Gas Fireplaces

A gas fireplace is available in three styles inserts, built-ins, and log sets. Inserts are good for people who have to retrofit a wood-burning fireplace for maximum efficiency and convenience. Built-ins are good for those people who need their first fireplace. Log sets are primary burners that sit in open and current fireplaces. If you need reliable heat production, you can choose between built-in and inserts. These can fill your room with radiant heat and warm air. Log sets are suitable for looks instead of warmth. With every type, you can choose between vent-free and vent versions.

How to buy a reliable gas fireplace?

If you are looking for comfort and convenience, consider these bits of advice to buy a reliable gas fireplace.

  • Adjustment of Flame Height: Choose a fireplace with variable adjustments for flame height. This option enables you to dial in the right amount of heat, such as whisper of flame or roaring fire.
  • Electronic Ignition: It decreases the need for a pilot light and allows you to save almost $10 per month in fuel.
  • Wall-thermostat Control: It helps you to adjust the heat output of fireplace and temperature manually or with a remote.
  • Battery Backup: Buy a gas fireplace with battery backup to light fireplace in the absence of power.
  • LED Accent Light: It is necessary to add a realistic flaming effect in the firebox.
  • Built-in Fan: It is good to pull indoor air behind a firebox and pumps out hot air. It can heat a room quickly.

Venting Types for Gas Fireplace

While selecting a gas burning fireplace, you have to consider vent type, the location of gas appliance and vent type.


Vented gas fireplaces need installed venting to drain byproduct outdoors for safe operation. Nowadays, several units have natural venting or B-Vent for direct venting. These units offer maximum flexibility at the time of installation.

Vent Free

Unvented units or vent-free are new in this industry. These are good for locations where venting is impossible. They feature an oxygen depletion sensor (ODS) and a unique design to monitor the levels of oxygen in your room. These models can ensure safe combustion. The unit will automatically shut down if ODS trips for any reason. These fireplaces are good options, but you need permission from your local authority.

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Fuel Type

You can discriminate a fireplace based on fuel. The gas fireplaces typically use propane or natural gas.

  • Natural Gas: This gas is commonly used in suburban and urban developments. This clean fuel burns efficiently while keeping your operating cost low.
  • Propane: It is commonly available in rural locations where you can use independent tanks. Propane produces plenty of heat while burning.

Choose an Ideal Location for Appliance

Before choosing a gas fireplace, it is essential to select an ideal location. You can consider one of these options.


Gas fireplaces have minimum clearances for combustibles to maintain safe use. Every appliance may differ based on the design of each unit. Clearances may change in association with mantels, venting, framing, and combustible items.

Venting Configurations

Vented appliances are designed for specific venting. You have to follow special instructions for installation and venting to ensure safe operations.

Mobile Installation

These appliances are fuel-efficient and decrease the cost of energy to heat a unit. After installing a gas fireplace at home, you can reduce the unit cost of energy. If you want to install a furnace in your mobile house, make sure to evaluate your unit for this type of installation.

Aesthetic Considerations

After satisfying the technical considerations of a gas fireplace, you can examine a range of available styles. Choose an ideal fireplace to enhance the appearance of your living space.

Gas Fireplaces

These are entirely manufactured units with one firebox for efficient combustion. These units are easy to install and famous for renovating and new homes. With these units, you can give a traditional appearance to your living space.

Gas Stoves

You can buy a freestanding unit to get an extraordinary amount of heat. Wood stoves are standard to provide extra heat. These stoves have great similarities with wood stoves. With these units, you can save your furnace.

Gas Inserts

Just like fireplaces, these units have one firebox. You can install gas inserts in a wood fireplace or old masonry. If you are busy with a renovation project, you can use gas inserts to update an old fireplace. You can also use sets of gas log special sets. You can fill your vacant space of an old fireplace. Log sets are available in different styles. Anyone can install them easily as per his/her convenience.

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