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Fireplace Tile Ideas

Fireplace Tile Ideas

A fireplace tile ideas is a specially allotted area in a house or room where fire can build for heating purpose or other domestic uses. Furthermore, it adds to the ambiance of the place. It can be made of tiles, stone, wood or bricks. People try to make the fireplace a piece of art by making it more attractive in beautiful designs. It can be one of the central location for reading or romantic date night. The Charming and beautiful fireplace is a focal point in the room where it is located, with less investment you can make the fireplace to be one in your countless memories.

Fireplace Tile Ideas Using

People can judge your artistic sense by noting your home decor and the fireplace plus its surroundings. Bricks and stones have been famous for a long time for the fireplace, but creative people who want new and contemporary designs are now using for fireplace tiles to create a trendy style in your room. You can choose from a variety of designs and mosaic patterns to build a fireplace and its surrounding area in a unique way. The elegant and contemporary fireplace can increase the resale value of your house.

Types of Tiles

You can choose fireplace tiles based on the material to create a look that reflects your style and personality. We are enlisting a few types with their looks for your help.

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1. Traditional look with natural stone tile

Traditional look with natural stone tileIf you want to keep your fireplace classic but with a modern touch, use natural stone tiles. You can choose marble, granite, limestone, slate, travertine. They are all durable and gives a sophisticated, elegant look to your room. Marble among them is used as a symbol of luxury and gives an elegantly modern feel. Travertine has an ancient look, so if you want to give your fireplace, an antique sophisticated look goes for travertine tile.


2. Mosaic tiles with glass look

Mosaic tiles with glass lookThey give a contemporary feel and create a fantastic atmosphere when the glass brightens up from the firelight. They are available in variety of colors, and you can design the look yourself depending on the look of your decor.




3. Ceramic and porcelain tiles

Ceramic and porcelain tilesBoth ceramic and porcelain tiles are versatile and readily available in different colors, textures, and size. If you want your fireplace to look elegantly versatile than go for these tiles. Ceramic and porcelain are best suited for fireplace hearth and surrounding.



Pros of using tiles

Tile is durable and sustainable if the installation is done properly.
It can withstand heat better than other materials.
It easy to clean, most tiles are moisture and stain resistant.
A variety of colors, shapes, and texture allow you to design in the way you want.
Tiles are eco-friendly.

Cons of using tiles

Fireplace Tiles can get crack easily if not installed correctly.
Repairing is hard.
Many types are costly.

Fireplace Tile Ideas - Decorate your fireplace with Natural stone, Glass look, Porcelain Tiles
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Fireplace Tile Ideas - Decorate your fireplace with Natural stone, Glass look, Porcelain Tiles
Decorate your house with the fireplace tiles ideas that make your house better and comfortable in cold weather. For more information visit our website.

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