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fireplace surround

Fireplace Surround

The right mantelpiece or surround is necessary for ultra-modern bio-ethanol flame or traditional fireplace. A right surround can give character and warmth to the home and improve your fire. Keep it in mind that a fireplace becomes a statement piece, so you have to choose it carefully to create a stylish and warm atmosphere. Feel free to choose between contemporary, rustic or classic surround for your fireplace. A spectacular surround is necessary to bring character to a room. Here are some great options for a fireplace surround.

Wood Surround

Wood is a cheap option to choose surround. From mahogany to MDF, there is a surround to suit each pocket. Wood is a versatile option with streamlined pastel tones, such as opulent, rich or birch mahogany. A rustic beam can be an excellent choice for your fireplace. Wood surrounds are inexpensive, and you can paint them to match decoration.

Marble and Stone

Fireplaces look chic and outstanding with beautiful surround areas. Natural stone can enhance the glory of a fireplace. With marble finish, you can add aesthetics and channel personality of the homeowner. Natural stones can be an excellent choice for a fresh and natural look.

Marble and stone surrounds can be expensive, but these look extremely beautiful. A classic surround can be an excellent addition to a sitting room, bathroom or bedroom. You can select cream Carrara or plain white or intricate brown, blue or green grain. Each marble looks elegant and unique.

If you are looking for a contemporary surround, limestone is a sleek choice. Marble and stone surrounds can add a “wow” factor to your decor. These mantelshelves are substantial to display treasures. Stone is a safe choice for its non-combustible nature. If you need long-lasting and natural beauty, stone can be a lovely choice for you.

fireplace surrounds marble stone

Cast Iron Fireplace Surround

Cast-iron surrounds can make a splendid statement in your house. A range of elegant, ornate designs is available. These look perfect in Victorian period property and look fantastic in any home. Black and silver cast iron fireplace mantels and surround feature intricate detailing. You can find unique surrounds suitable for gas fires, solid fuel and electric. Cast iron surrounds can create an extraordinary impact with its hardwearing nature. You can update a black surround with soft pastel, metallic metal or white paint to match your decorations.

Important Practical Details

  • In several homes, a chimney breast obtrudes forward of a wall every side; preferably the surround must adjust within this space.
  • You have to measure the width of a chimney breast or dimensions of wall area that you want to cover. Moreover, you have to measure the size of the fireplace opening/hole.
  • If the gap between the inside of fireplace legs (inner width of a surround) is smaller than the opening of your fireplace, you have to make the opening of fireplace larger.
  • With a marble or stone surround, it is possible to change the width, but you can’t alter wooden surrounds.
  • If the opening of a surround is wider than a fireplace, you can use brick slips, marble or tiles to fill the gap.
  • The height of surround can be changed by decreasing the height of legs or add blocks at the foundation.

Tips to Choose Accurate Size Fire Surround

You can choose between a small surround and an imposing surround. The size can be dictated by different factors, such as the width of a chimney. If the breast of a chimney is 1220mm (48-inch) wide, you can’t choose a 1370mm (54-inch) wide mantel.

The material of your surround is another critical consideration. Wood can be a great choice because it is available in different finishes and colors. You can choose from oak, dark mahogany to dark. Carrara marble surrounds are famous for their blue-grey tones. These belong to Lunigiana Italy region near Tuscany. Another type of stone is micro marble available in different colors, such as marfil, manila and pearl stone.

  • Marfil is a creamy color.
  • Manila is off-white with a swirl pattern.
  • Pearlstone has a slight pearl color and effect to it.

Size is an important consideration while choosing a beautiful fireplace mantel. You have to take accurate measures to find the accurate size. These three measurements are essential to consider:

  • An opening height of fireplace: Measure the height of a fireplace from the base to height.
  • The opening width of the fireplace: Similar to height, measure the end to end width of the opening.
  • A depth of fireplace: Measure the distance of facing materials. These are non-combustible materials like brick.

These measurements will help you to calculate the right size of a fireplace surround. Sizing may vary by manufacturer, so you have to consult specifications to get the right surround. You can subtract or add a few inches for a snug fitting of surround.

Building Regulations

Regulations of your building govern the building of factory-built and masonry fireplaces. Make sure to consult a professional to understand building regulations. The installation or construction of a fireplace needs inspection by the building security department.

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