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fireplace screens

Fireplace Screens

Fireplace screens play an essential role in the safety of your house. These are essential to add extra character to your room. Make sure to choose a large screen to prevent cinders and sparks from reaching flooring and carpets. It is crucial to determine the suitable size and style to complement your home decor and personal taste. Fireplace screens can add refinement and beauty to your space. With a variety of materials, sizes, and designs available, selection of an optimal piece may be difficult.

Fireplace screens provide a lovely accent to a fireplace while protecting furnishing, floors, pets, and children from errant sparks and heat. Make sure to choose the right screen for your fireplace. Here are some important things to consider while selecting the best screens.

  • Material: Select a suitable material to fit your lifestyle. Mesh metal screens allow more heat to circulate and go through while giving protection from sparks. Although glass is suitable to provide maximum security against sparks as compared to mesh, it is not porous for heat.
  • Style: Choose stationary screens for a streamlined look. These have hinged sides for customized and adjustable look.
  • Handles: If you have to adjust your screen frequently, you can choose special pieces with top handles. These are safe and easy for frequent movements.
  • Size: Your selected screen should provide sufficient coverage (width and height) for extra protection and safety.

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Styles of Fireplace Screens

Here are some famous styles to complement your traditional and fancy décor.

Antique Screens

From sleek and simple to ornate brass Victorian-era masterpieces, the antique-style fireplace screens are available. You can add vintage charm to these screens. The classic deco geometric and floral art flourishes may be an excellent choice to create a look of the bygone era. These can provide elegance and security at the same time.

Traditional Screens

If you want beautiful and functional screens, classic styles are available in different materials. You can choose from brass, copper, iron, and glass. Make sure to select a panel size to create a sustainable and durable look.

Contemporary Screens

In a modern or downtown dwelling, the sleek, distinct appeal or a modern look can be suitable. Simple screen without overwrought ornaments can add elegance to a fireplace. Contemporary styles and subtle finishes can increase the upscale and refined appeal of your room.

Scenic Screens

A scenic screen can be a good addition in your simple decor. These screens are designed to depict natural beauty. This accessory will not only increase the elegance of your home but transform your fireplace into beautiful artwork.

Carefully Choose Size

Measure the opening of the fireplace to determine the right size of a screen. Make sure to add 10 – 12 inches to the width and 3 – 5 inches to height. If you need something simple, you can choose a single panel screen. Multi-panel designs feature elegantly curved effects. It can be complicated to select the right size of multi-panel screens. Some screens come with doors that are built-in or freestanding. For screen measurement, you have to consider the dimensions of freestanding doors. Integrated designs directly fit on your fireplace.

3-panel Arch Screen

These types of screens are specifically designed to protect the warm glow of fireplaces. The durable construction keeps kids and pets safe. These screens are made of durable powder-coated steel in a matte finish. The height and width of the screens may vary. These types of screens are suitable for outdoor uses on rustic fireplaces. Moreover, these screens can increase the elegance of indoor fireplaces.

Spark Guard Fireplace Screen

A flat guard or spark guard screen can provide an unobstructed view of a fireplace. These have a black steel frame with durable legs, heavy gauge mesh lining, and easy-grip handles. With these screens, you can keep your pets and kids safe. This fireplace screen offers maximum coverage. You have to lift this screen to access the flames. You can easily move this screen with steel handles. If you need a simple design, this type of screen may be a good choice for you.

Four Panel Fireplace Screens

These are flexible fireplace screens to accommodate different sizes of a fireplace opening. This screen has a conventional design with a brass accent and simple lines. You can stretch these screens across arched panels and black rails on sides. If you don’t need a screen, you can remove this accessory and store in a secure place. You can get 32-inch high and 51-inch wide fireplace screens.

Decorative Screens

If you want to add elegance to the decoration of your home, you can choose metal fireplace screens. These are ideal for their stylish and functional design. Decorative screens are designed with scrollwork over their front and durable mesh. These screens can protect your surroundings from sparks. Feel free to buy a screen in dark color for an elegant look.

Fortunately, you can get special fireplace screens to keep your child and pets safe. These screens come with tie rod attached through the top of the screen. This design can prevent accidental folding of the screen by kids. You have to determine the size and style of your fireplace before purchasing a screen. These screens are necessary to keep your children and pets away from a fire.

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