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fireplace mantels

Fireplace Mantels

Fireplace mantels have unique aesthetic importance. Installation of a fireplace mental in your house can increase its value. Mantels are essential to increase the aesthetic appeal of your home. Sometimes, you have to change the decoration of your room to complement the appearance of a mantel. Moreover, a fireplace mental has an excellent functional purpose, so it should serve this purpose correctly. Here are some famous types of fireplace mantel shelves. Each type has its own pros and cons.

Wooden Fireplaces

Wood is a classic option for a fireplace. You can install mantel shelves of wood to a current fireplace mantel. One can install them to a contemporary fireplace. Wooden shelves can easily complement any look. These are available in different colors. You can choose a different style, finishes, and colors.

Always remember that you can’t construct the whole mantel with wood because it is not safe. You can’t keep wood near fire because of its flammable nature. It is acceptable to design a mantel shelf with wood. Make sure to check the regulations of your state before using wooden materials.

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Stone Fireplace Mantels

Stone mantels can be made of granite, marble or limestone. Stones are available in different textures and colors. You can treat them in different ways to decorate your fireplace. A stone mantel shelf enables you to complement it with stone mantels easily. These are functional, classy and simple. These can be expensive options than wood. Installation costs will be high because of large transportation and skilled labor. Cheaper options are available for people with limited budget.

Metal Fireplace Mantels

If you need versatility, metal fireplace mantels are great options. A shelf may be made of stainless steel or ornate with great designs. Without any doubt, metal fireplace mantels are classic and versatile options.

Brick Mantels

Bricks are obvious options to construct any section of mantels. These are common materials because of their functional and simple nature. These are available in different colors, textures, and sizes. With different bricks, you can add texture and color to your fireplace mantels.

Warnings and Considerations for Mantels

  • Besides marble, you can’t choose limestone, slate or granite for a natural or pastoral look.
  • Antique mantels can be large for modern fireplaces because old fireplaces were bigger than modern fireplaces.
  • You have to trim your mantel for its correct fitting. Keep it in mind that any compromise over alteration can affect the appearance of mantels. Consider available wall space above and around a fireplace.
  • Wood mantels require sufficient clearance from sides, top and combustible items.
  • Decoration Ideas for Fireplace Mantels
  • It becomes a focal point of your rooms. You can decorate them elegantly to increase the visual appeal of your house. Here are some practical ideas for decoration.
  • You can try items of different sizes and shapes. Start decoration with taller items at the back, use small pieces while moving forward.
  • Layering items in a unique arrangement can be a good idea to decorate fireplace mantels. It allows you to create depth in your decorations. The foreground items should complement the rear pieces.
  • Symmetry fan tries a simple arrangement, such as keep a large object in middle and flank every side with matching pieces to produce a mirror image. For instance, you can keep a flower vase or bowl in the middle and use small frames on its both sides.
  • Try odd numbers while using several items. For example, five candlesticks look great instead of four. You use this formula while grouping different items. For a formal look, you opt matching items to decorate fireplace mantels.
  • Avoid random assortment of various items. Choose complimenting items based on a theme, style, or color. The objects must have a connection with each other.
  • Balance is necessary, it doesn’t mean to pick matching elements. Many lightweight items on a side can balance a heavy object on the other side. You may opt a particular piece or large item for the center to create a focal point.
  • Avoid overcrowding several items on mantel can make it crowded or cluttered. Your items must have some breathing room to increase the beauty of your fireplace mantel.
  • You may choose different items to decorate your fireplace mantel, such as picture frames, statutes, candlesticks, clocks, vases, decorative boxes, cups, decorative plates, books, framed prints, mirrors, shadow boxes, etc.

Overlapping Artwork

The overlapping artwork is an easy option to make fireplace mantels standout. You have to choose different pieces of artwork with varying width and height. A wooden pallet may become a joining backdrop while a painting, photo frame overlap each other. Floral and textured wallpapers are some easy options to add “wow” element in your decoration.

If you have a neutral living room, you can use accessories that can distribute colors in your room. For instance, pick up the hues of a sofa to choose vases, wooden frames. Consider the color of shelves, furniture, and floor to decorate a mantel in your neutral room.

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