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fireplace inserts

Fireplace Inserts

The traditional fireplaces can give only 5 to 10 percent warmth to your house and remaining heat goes up through chimney along with grime and harmful byproducts. If you want to secure your environment from combustion byproducts, you have to install fireplace inserts. It can decrease your heating expenditure. A fireplace insert can upgrade the functionality and appearance of your fireplace. It is an alternative and reliable heating source. A fireplace insert can be an excellent investment because of its several benefits.

Environmentally Friendly

Wood is an environmentally friendly fuel because it is a sustainable and renewable resource. It is carbon-neutral because it releases a similar amount of carbon while decaying and burning in a hearth. It is a good fuel choice for environmentally conscious people. Contemporary inserts are designed to burn up dangerous incineration byproducts that customary firesides release in the atmosphere. Current fireplace inserts can decrease the amount of smoke. These accessories can transmute your fireplace into an environmentally friendly appliance.

Energy Efficient Design

These innovative designs can decrease the emissions and smoke that a traditional insert produces. You can expect energy efficient outcomes. Some special fireplace inserts can increase the efficiency of a fireplace over 80%. The double combustion system in a fireplace insert generates long-lasting fire. The upgraded venting system averts the heat from absconding up the chimney. A heat distributor fan pushes it into your house instead. With an excellent insert, you can heat a living space easily.

Cost Effective

If you want to decrease your cooling and heating bills, you will be happy with fireplace inserts. Your wood supply will last longer because a wood load can burn for almost 8 hours in a fireplace insert. An insert can increase the output of heat and allow you to spend time in a warm atmosphere of your house during chilly fall days and winter months. Insulation in an insert can prevent hot and cold air from escaping. The beautiful glass doors of an insert may decrease down-draft issues.

Decrease Maintenance Costs

A fireplace insert can’t eliminate the necessity for the annual cleaning of a chimney. It may decrease the cost of maintenance and repair your fireplace. A fireplace insert can enhance the integrity of fireplaces without renovating or rebuilding masonry fireplaces. Several inserts come with a long-term warranty to cover future repairs.

Special Features and Stylish Design

You can get fireplace inserts in a variety of styles and designs. Feel free to choose between traditional to contemporary style to complement your house décor. A good insert can increase the attractiveness of your fireplace. Inserts offer unique features that are not available with customary fireplaces, such as heat distributor fans, self-cleaning glass and thermostat control.

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Types of Fireplace Inserts

Fireplace inserts are available with different features. You can choose one accessory as per your needs.

Wood Burning Inserts

These cost-effective inserts are available in different styles and designs. With these inserts, there is no need to sacrifice your style over substance. It can fit precisely in your current firebox. These are good to transform a non-functional fireplace in a joyful blaze. It will burn naturally and cleanly for hours.

Direct Vent Inserts

If you need extra security and safety, direct vent inserts pull air out and in of the burner without affecting the air of your house. This system requires a concentric vent mechanism that maintains separate airlines and enhances heat distribution. You can breathe in smoke-free and warm air.

Electric Inserts

These fireplace inserts are easy to install. These are ventless fireplaces to work without outside ventilation. These are designed with concealed burners behind wood logs. These models are suitable to supply sufficient air to burners and to increase the efficiency of fireplaces.

Gas Fireplace Inserts

These inserts offer effective heat output. You can control these inserts with different remote controls. Users can get the advantage of basic on/off control and ability to set via a thermostat. Some remote-ready units work with a wall-mount thermostat. The remote control and combination of heat output can be a deciding factor to purchase gas inserts.

Gas fireplace inserts are easy to use and need low maintenance. These inserts are dynamos to produce heat. You will need natural gas or propane to power a smooth and steady flame on fake logs, glass chips or stones.

Pellet Burning Inserts

Pellet inserts are great for clients who need efficiency and low heating cost. As compared to the price of a gas insert, pellet heating can be a fraction of price. This heating system offers clean-burning and better efficiency. This system is better than gas and wood heating. This insert needs pellets and electricity for smooth operations. Pellets are difficult to find, so some models are available with a backup battery feature. You can use this insert during a power outage.

These fireplace inserts are eco-friendly. Pellets are made from bark, wood, sawdust, wood byproducts, sunflowers, wheat, beet pulp, dried cherry pits, barley, nutshells, soybeans, and corn kernels. With these inserts, you can get the advantage of different fan speeds and heat levels. They are low-cost and efficient options to increase the efficiency of your wood hearth. Keep it in mind that these inserts need high maintenance.

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