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Modern Fireplace Ideas

Modern Fireplace Ideas

The fireplace is a specially built area or places in the house for the heating purpose; it keeps you warm in shivering winters. They add to the beauty of a home; many people prefer to buy a home having fireplaces. Modern fireplace ideas are a cozy place of comfort during winters; you can’t get that cozy heat from any other heating appliance as fireplace give. You can have a romantic night beside the fireplace, or you can read a book sitting close to the fireplace.

Modern Fireplace

For making your home warmer, more comfortable and less smoky fireplaces are the best invention to be added to every house. You can use gas or wood in the fireplace but depend on your needs and comfort. It has been in use since the middle ages, and now people want a more contemporary place as a fireplace and by the time the trend of an open fire at fireplace changes. Now people instruct their architects and designers to design a fireplace which is contemporary and modern, and it can catch the eyes of the people. Those traditional old times open fires are now becoming rare because of less efficiency and more risks of unexpected hazards. People are moving to more sophisticated and efficient fireplace ideas.

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Types Of Modern Fireplace

A fireplace is a central focus in every room. It is the heart of room or house; you can’t expect a house to be contemporary if it lacks a fireplace. Modern fireplaces are not open fire, or it can be a fire but safer than old times. You can have many options to design a fireplace nowadays.


Modern Fireplace insertsFireplace inserts

It can be a fire inside a box which can be placed in furnace space, or you can say it is a stove that is inserted inside the fireplace firebox. It must be installed by a trained professional. It will ensure safety and efficiency.


Safer than other types of modern fireplace.



Expensive installation as it is done by trained persons.




Heat exchangers

They produce heat by burning the captured combustion gases from wood or gas fireplace. Heat exchangers can be either top mounted or built-in.Heat exchangers fireplace


Installation is less expensive.


Less efficient in term of heat yield


Pellet stove and fireplace

These are most environmentally friendly as compared to all other options. They use wood waste which is compressed in the shape of pellets, producing minimal ash. Pellet fireplace and stoves are very efficient with efficiency rating above 90%


Once filled the pellets can last between 12-24 hours.

More efficient and environment-friendly.

You can store pellets easily in comparison to wood.


Uses electricity for air circulation, can’t operate without power.

Regular cleaning of pipes and ashes is needed.

It is costly, and so its maintenance.

Gas Fireplaces

Gas-fueled fireplaces are still common because of their convenience. You just have to switch it on and adjust the thermostat, it starts and gives you comfortable warmth.


It is easy to use.

Adjustable thermostat to maintain the comfortable temperature


Regular cleaning is required.

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