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Fireplace Ideas

Fireplace Ideas for Cold Weather

While watching Games of Thrones, I heard Ed Stark saying again and again that winter is coming. So, it’s the best time to get Fireplace ideas before the winter actually starts. The fireplace gives not just the warmth during winter but it gives some cutely romantic and classic look to your rooms. Before you decide anything about the fireplace in your rooms, you must do some good research to get clearer ideas. While you search for fireplace ideas, you must be clear about a few things. These few things which I’m going to discuss will make your search easier.

Types of Fireplace

The design of the fireplace very much depends upon the choice of fire type that you are going to use to warm your winter days and nights.

1. Electric Fireplace

An electric fireplace is the most modern and yet easiest to install a fireplace. No chimney is required and the mess is there. Simply put in the plug into the socket and you will start getting the warmth within seconds. Fireplace ideas for the electric stove are very basics and small in size unless you want to make it bulky by yourself. The bad thing about using electric fire is cost. If you want better warmth, you will have to use bigger power stoves and that will bring heavier electricity bills.Fireplace Ideas


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2. Gas Fireplace

Gas is the second best option for a fireplace. The only bad thing about gas fireplace is that in European countries and even in the United States, gas is still something costly. But if you can afford then it is best because of its efficiency. Like an electric fireplace, it’s not messy but it gives full warmth and makes your room cozy even in cold winter nights. If you choose gas then you will have the best fireplace ideas to choose from. You can either opt for tiny and modern fireplace ideas or you can go after the traditional gigantic fireplace idea.

Gas Fireplace Ideas

3.  Wood-burning Fireplace

Here comes the traditional fireplace, one of the most effective and most economical fireplace ideas for your rooms especially the living room. A huge variety of wood-burning stoves are available in the market if you are going to use this traditional fireplace idea. It’s little messy but you can easily compromise because it’s most economical and traditionally stylish. No doubt in the fact that most stylish fireplaces ideas are about a wood-burning fireplace.

Wood burning Fireplace Ideas

Type of Room

The second main factor that affects the choice and design of fireplace ideas is the room for which you need a fireplace. There are different ideas of a fireplace for different kind of rooms. For example: if you going to get a fireplace for a living room then you will opt for something very economical and huge in size. But, if you are selecting the fireplace ideas for your bedroom then it will be something safer and less messy like electrical fireplace ideas.

Theme of the Room

The theme of the room is another factor that may affect the choice of fireplace. You should consider only those fireplace ideas which are matching or at least compatible with the theme of your room. Keep in view the color of furniture, style of the room and your taste as well. Keeping in mind all these factors, you will able to choose some of the best ideas for your house or for a specific room.

Fireplace Ideas : Top 5 Best Fireplace Ideas for Cold Weather
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Fireplace Ideas : Top 5 Best Fireplace Ideas for Cold Weather
Fireplace Ideas : Find beautiful ideas about your fireplace to make your winter awesome. Plan to decorate your room with these fireplaces.

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