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fireplace heater

Fireplace Heater

Looking for the best way to create cozy ambiance in your house? Get the advantage of a classic fireplace without mess or smoke. Nowadays, flame-effect heaters are also available. The fireplace heaters can add a visual effect of beautiful flames. These are perfect for wintry evenings. If you want to buy aflame effect heater, here are a few things to consider before finalizing your purchase:

Style of Flame Effect Heaters

Fireplace heaters are available in different forms, such as modern metal boxes, stove-like traditional models and full fireplaces. Some heaters come with a stone or timer frame, mantelpiece, and fake logs. Before purchasing a heater, make sure to see it in action. If you are happy with the flames, you can buy this heater.

Controls of Heater

You can get these heaters with individual controls, such as dual heat settings. Some heaters allow you to control the effect of flame with conventional heating. A few heaters are available with a remote control for your convenience.


Heaters come with a fan to equally distribute warm air around your room. Your selected heater must have the ability to heat even without switching on the fan. Sometimes, you have to stop the fan for quiet operations.

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Thermostat and Flame Dimmer

Choose a fireplace heater with a thermostat that controls the heating elements to maintain a target temperature of your room. For better ambiance, some models permit you to control the level of flame as per your mood.

Cord Length

Some heaters come with an electrical cord. If you are choosing a heater with an electrical cord, the cord should be long enough to reach your power point. Use of extensions is not suitable for electric heaters. 

Consider Safety of Heaters

Consider standard safety features in an electric heater. The outer surface must not get excessively hot totouch. Portable models must come with a tilt switch to shut off the heater. Asafety mechanism is also necessary to shut off heaters in case of overheating.Choose a rack to keep your heater away from clothes and curtains.

Replacement Bulbs

Several flame-effect fireplace heaters come with candle-type standard light bulbs to create a unique flame effect. Make sure to choose a model with replaceable bulbs. The bulb must be easily available so that you can continue to use this model by replacing its old bulb.

Running Cost and Efficiency

These heaters are similar to conventional convection heaters regarding running costs and efficiency. You can’t compare their effectiveness with reverse-cycle air conditioner, but still, these are good to heat a small room. These may range between $150 and $500. You have to pay $2000 for a realistic model of fireplace.

Infrared Fireplace Stove

Durable and portable infraredfireplace heaters are available to warm up your home. You can get these stoves in different colors to complement your decor. A standard stove is a 24-inch and 23-inch high. Some modelsuse 3D technology for flame effect. These will help you to createrealistic-looking flames with different brightness settings.

While enhancing aesthetic appeals, some stoves can warm up an area of 1,000 square feet. These models use infrared heat and maintain the natural humidity of your room. In the presence of infrared heaters, there is no need to worry about dry air. These heaters are safe for pets and kids. Feel free to purchase a model with remote control.

Electric Stoves with Heater

You can get a beautiful antique stove with no-frills options. Some stoves look similar to the old-fashioned stove of wood. These have faux flames and glowing ember logs to create a cozy ambiance. Some stoves are designed to heat almost 400 square feet. You can conveniently touch this fireplace heater because it remains cool. Try to choose a unit with overheat protection.

Retro-style Stove Heaters

Retro-style heaters are available for extra warmth within your budget. Freestanding fireplaces are available in the market with a classic appearance. These types of stoves allow you to adjust the brightness of fake flames. Retro-style heaters are available with different heat settings and adjustable brightness. You can get the maximum value of your fireplace within your limited budget.

Some lifelike electric fireplace heaters are available. These high-end heaters look similar to a real fireplace. These types of heaters are suitable for faux fireplaces. Some expensive models come with dancing flames and realistic embers to give a feel of the real fire. These models can warm up your room without increasing your energy bills. These types of heaters are ideal for living rooms and bedrooms. With these heaters, you can give an instant upgrade to your house. The high-end electric fireplace heaters are expensive than a standard fireplace heater, but these have remarkable warming capabilities. Mini portable fireplace heaters are available to heat a small space. This compact unit is reasonably priced to heat smaller rooms. Market has several models, so it is necessary to check the functionality of a fireplace heater before investing money. Try to choose a durable model with good warranty. It is essential to increase the comfort of your living space in winter.

Fireplace Heater - Choose best heater for electric fireplaces
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Fireplace Heater - Choose best heater for electric fireplaces
Best electric fireplace heaters tips and ideas. Design and decorate your home with an electric fireplace heater insert.

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