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fireplace decor

Fireplace Decor

A sophisticatedly designed mantel is a critical design aspect of your house. It can be the first thing to draw the attention of each guest when entering your room. Just like other decorations, the fireplace becomes a direct reflection of your style. While decorating the mantel, you have to pay attention to other objects in your space for symmetry. For homes with conservative and classic aesthetic, equilibrium is essential. You can choose different accessories that suit your personality. For fireplace decor, you can play with different colors, textures, and shapes to discover the accurate proportions. Feel free to try a bold color or a tall statement to enhance the look of your fireplace. Here are some guidelines that will help you to play with colors, accessories, and textures.

Greenery is a Safe Option

Fireplaces are made of hard-looking and heavy materials, such as stone or brick. The improper dressing of fireplaces may weigh down the look of your room. To avoid this situation, break up the masculinity of your fireplace with fluid, soft lines of paints. Greenery can complement an arrangement of styles. You can add a feminine tone to fireplace decor with floral arrangements. Tallgrass is becoming popular to add eye-catching height.

Get Artsy and Use Mirror

Display of art can be a great addition over your mantel. It is a good option for a fine-art aficionado. Hang a chic gallery wall above your fireplace. Moreover, you may make a statement with large pieces of art to reflect your taste.

If you find it difficult to choose an artwork, you can hang a beautiful mirror. These are available in different sizes and shapes. You can choose matching mirrors or a statement mirror as a fireplace decor. A mirror can brighten up your room by reflecting bright light from windows. You can hang a mirror over a fireplace or set it against a wall.

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Try Technology

If you have a flat-screen TV, you can put it over your fireplace and mount it straight to a wall. It is an excellent way to increase the aesthetic appeal of your house. Try to mount a TV with a wall or conceal behind your cabinet. Moreover, you can frame your TV. Keep things simple and clean to avoid clutter.

Seasonal Decorations

Seasonal decorations can give a unique touch to your fireplace and living room. In spring, you can choose fresh flowers and tall grass for decoration. Slow-ripening fruit can be a good choice for summer decorations. You can decorate your fireplace with vases of beautiful cranberries.

Industrial or Architectural Salvage

An exclusive piece of industrial or architectural salvage can be a great option. You can create captivating moments with these hangings on your fireplace. Simply hang an antique wheel over a fireplace. It is a simple and clutter-free decoration.

Display of Trophies

A trophy head becomes a classic decoration for the fireplace. It is a rust substitute to a mirror or artwork. Feel free to mount an animal-friendly head carved from wood. You can choose antique or vintage trophy heads and antlers. These can be a chic addition to your interior decoration.

Make Your Statement

If you are looking for a reliable option for fireplace decor, choose a beautiful mirror. A statement mirror may have a significant impact on the decoration of your living room. You can choose between a baroque gold-plated Italian frame and rococo plaster for a traditional look. For modern spaces, a sunburst design can be a startling choice.

Lean In

Framed art can be a great choice to decorate your fireplaces. If you need an electric or laid-back vibe, lean your beautiful artworks on fireplace instead of dangling them. These looks are great for casual aesthetic because you can frequently change your display pieces. Make sure to choose frames in different shapes and sizes to generate dimension.

Two Beautiful Frames

Some people can’t afford expensive arts, so they can choose small frames for fireplace decor. A pair of medium or small works can be hanged over a fireplace. You can display separate art pieces in identical frames. Enhance the aesthetic appeal of your fireplace with lush accents and oversized leaves.

Beautiful Tray

For shabby-chic or French country interiors, you can choose a basket or woven tray hung above your fireplace. If you want a collected look, layer some beautiful accessories like antique pottery, natural wreath or vintage books.

Elegant Decoration with Light

If you need something elegant without breaking your bank, you can pick a fraction of votive and other accents. These will help you to create romantic vibes around a fireplace. To increase the impact of your decoration, like the dimensions of your fireplace with votive of different heights. You can also use candleholders in a single size, shape, and hue.

With a print, photograph or painting, you can make your fireplace a beautiful focal point. Select something unique to complement the aesthetic of your room. Ceramics can be a great option to create a unique statement. From glove forms to gravy boats, the white pieces of porcelain work really well.

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