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Fireplace Design Ideas

Fireplace Design IdeasThese are some fireplace design ideas which truly create the living room as cozy as possible. The fireplace becomes very essential during winter season. These ideas will make a comfortable living room to gather with family in winter. Basically, applying these designs will emerge the different nuance of nice living room. Fireplace will not be an element to warm the living room. Instead, the designs give certain characteristic of home’s architecture.

Fireplace Design Ideas to Reveal Natural Beauty

Innovation has been made to build fireplace. In modern era, there are some type of fireplace such as electric and gas fireplace. Even though there is an electric fireplace as a modern type of fireplace, some people prefer to choose a stone fireplace. According to them, this fireplace shows rustic and impressive focal point when it is applied in the living room. The consequence is that they have to spend much more money to build this stone fireplace. However, certain technique can be used to reduce the cost for providing stones. A long mirror can be put above the mantel in order to reduce the use of stone. Besides, placing the long mirror is able to add interest. It would be better to use hues of stone, sage, and taupe to enhance the beauty appearance of the living room.

Fireplace Design Ideas for Monochromatic Beauty

Fireplace Design Ideas2Color is considered as an important key in designing the living room with fireplace. Emitting a soothing feel and calm can be obtained by applying monochromatic brown color on the living room. Moreover, the floor and the ceiling can be made of mosaic glass tile. Therefore, it seems that the fireplace is surrounded by the tile. Meanwhile, it is required that the space is quite high. As the texture of the living room, striped pillow and sheer draperies can be used to improve the decoration of the space. A pony-hair bench will bring both uniqueness and comfort together.

Fireplace Design Ideas with Contrast Black Tile

It is surprising when it has been noticed that contrast can create lively living room. Contrast black tile can be applied to surround the fireplace. This design can be completed with tradition mantel and white becomes its color. The wall of the living room needs to be paint with blue color. For the furniture, this design is appropriate with the nuance of traditional. As the result, the home owners are capable to combine modernism and traditionalism to create aesthetic living room.

These are some ideas for designing fireplace. It has been understood that people will spend much time at home duringFireplace Design Ideas3 winter. Therefore, comfortable place needs to be obtained in order to avoid saturated at home. Designing a great living room with fireplace is an answer for this problem. A good design will be able to make them comfortable to stay and gather with family members. Nevertheless, before choosing the design, people have to consider about the space of living room whether it is long, small, or big. Not every design is good to apply in any spaces. In short, these fireplace design ideas have to be appropriate with the size of the space.

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